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Free Daily Malware Scan reporting is included with all shared website hosting accounts

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What makes us different from most web hosts is our intense focus on security. Our goal is to ensure our customers are notified if their websites are hacked by malware or viruses before Google notices and marks the website an attack site.

We understand would-be-hackers rarely take a day off, and with open source scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Zencart and others becoming more popular it can be difficult to fully secure a website against every possible exploit.

As your web host we will take as many proactive steps possible to reduce your risk. In addition to running the latest server security patches and firewall rules, we run daily malware scans on all shared servers.

Our free daily root level malware scans are automated. Though because they are run by a machine in some cases it's hard for the machine to visually identify the difference between a valid line of PHP code and malicious PHP coding.

For this reason, we've developed a low cost "MalwareScan Reporting Service" which once set up will email you the same antivirus, clamav and malware scan report we receive for your website.

See a sample malwarescan report at right →

“Outside malware scanning services only search publicly viewable files— often only a fraction of the files saved within your website”

Has your website been compromised before?

Malware Virus Found!

MalwareScan performs:

"Several weeks ago, one of our sites was the target of a hacking attack. The hacker managed to do quite a bit of damage before we even realized there was a problem. After cleaning up the damage, I called TVCNet to see what could be done. Jim installed some new Malware scanning software for me and I'm pleased to report it is doing its job nicely! Every hacking attempt (even failed ones) gets logged by the scanner and reported to me immediately. No one can guarantee a zero-hacker environment, but TVCNet has helped my confidence level tremendously. I now know what's going on with all my sites and get IMMEDIATE notification the moment anything "suspicious" happens. Thanks!"
- Dave @ Aboutimage Design

Our malware scans goes deep...

Every file on your website is inspected for malicious content as often as you wish. While external security scanning and monitoring services can be helpful they cannot "see" hidden files within your website.

We are now offering this service to our clients for just $36 a year per website account.

If your website is compromised, our daily malware status report will give you a heads up before your clients or the search engines notice...

This scanning service is only available to TVCNet customers. If you would like to add this service to your existing website, please log into your account and add TVCNet's Malwarescan Reporting Service to any of your current websites.

     See My Account → My Web Sites - [View/Edit] → [A]ddon.

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